Saskatchewan employs a graduated driver’s licence system. The program is designed to improve road safety by exposing new drivers to various levels of restrictions that the driver gains experience. The three stages of Saskatchewan’s graduated licensing program are Learners, Novice 1 and Novice 2. Effective June 2011, a similar program was adopted for the Motorcycle licence.

SGI Requirements

  • New and Renewals

    Obtain a Learners license. This can be done at age 16, or at age 15 if taken through a high school driver training program. To complete this step, a vision test as well as a written test must be completed.

    • Practice driving with a supervised driver for nine months.
    • Complete the required mandatory driver training education. This is either completed in high school or through various commercial facilities.
    • Pass the road test. Road test receipts may be purchased through our office, or any motor license issuer, for a cost of $22.00.
    • Hold a Class 5 Novice 1 driver license for 6 months.
    • Hold a Class 5 Novice 2 driver license for 12 incident free months.
    • Graduate to an experienced Class 5 driver’s license.
    In Saskatchewan, a driver’s license is valid for 5 years. When paid in full at time of renewal the cost is $100, if preferred you can pay $25/yr (due at end of birth month) over the 5 year term. In the event you have outstanding payments or have unpaid traffic fines they may need to be cleared up before processing your driver’s license renewal. A Saskatchewan driver’s license may be renewed at any time providing it has not lapsed for more than 5 years.
  • One Part Driver’s Licence and Photo Identification Cards

    Effective January 1, 2011, Saskatchewan adopted a new one part drivers license and photo identification card. These new cards comply with rigid standards adopted by other North American jurisdictions and are produced at Canadian Bank Note (CBN) in Ottawa. The new cards take approximately 7-14 days for delivery to your home address. However, if required sooner, there is an option of expedited courier service within Canada at a charge of up to $30. You will be issued a temporary paper driver’s license/ID card to use until your card arrives. It is very important to remove and destroy any non-valid drivers license from your wallet.

    Individuals need to bring in two approved pieces of valid identification displaying their name, date of birth, and signature to be eligible for a photo identification card. These documents are also required for the One Part Driver’s License along with two approved proof of Saskatchewan residence documents.

  • Change Over from Another Jurisdiction

    To change over from another Province or outside the Country, new residents who wish to drive in Saskatchewan have 90 days (or prior to expiry of their existing license) to obtain a valid Saskatchewan driver’s license. If you are moving from another Canadian jurisdiction, the United States, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany or Austria, you can apply for a Saskatchewan driver’s licence at our office, or at any motor license issuer. You will be required to produce and surrender your previous license and pay any applicable fees. If you are moving from any other jurisdiction you will be required to complete a written test as well as a vision and road test prior to receiving a Saskatchewan driver’s licence.

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